WP Staging Pro GPL v4.1.7 – WordPress Plugin for Site Cloning


WP Staging Pro GPL pushes all your modified data and files from staging site to live site in a very comfortable and easy way. your can copy the staging site to a subfolder of your main site or to a complete custom path. It stays entirely on your server and none of your data will be transferred to any third parties.

WP Staging Pro GPL Features

  • Copy DB & files from staging to live site
  • Exclude specific DB tables & folders
  • The very fast cloning process
  • User roles authentication
  • Even huge websites are supported
  • Very simple to use

Clone Your WordPress & Copy Staging Changes to Live Site. Important features include Copy DB & files from staging to live site, Exclude specific DB tables & folders, User roles authentication, and much more.

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    Feb 18, 2022
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