WooCommerce API Product Sync with Multiple WooCommerce Stores (Shops) v2.7.0


WooCommerce API Product Sync plugin can sync automatically products from one WooCommerce web store (shop) to the other WooCommerce web stores (shops) when a product adds/updated. Also, sync bulk products in multiple web stores. It is the perfect solution for separate WooCommerce web stores.

WooCommerce API Product Sync GPL Features

  • Sync automatically product in single web store when a product adds/updates.
  • Sync automatically product in multiple web stores when a product adds/updates.
  • Bulk sync products in multiple web stores. In Bulk Sync, you can filter products. Like search products, products by category, and products per page.
  • Sync type option: “Auto Sync” or “Manual Sync”.
  • Product sync type option: “Full Product” or “Price and Quantity” or “Quantity”
  • Old products sync by option: “Slug” or “SKU”.
  • Support simple, grouped virtual, external/affiliate, and variable products.
  • Auto-sync product data (general, inventory, shipping, linked products, attributes, variations, and advanced).
  • Auto-sync product categories and tags when product syncing with web stores.
  • Auto-sync product media (featured image and gallery).
  • Disable auto-sync option: Disable auto sync when product adds/update.
  • Exclude categories of products when syncing with web stores.
  • Exclude product metadata when syncing with web stores.
  • Product price adjustment options: you can increase or decrease product price web store-wise if you want.
  • Stock sync option: Sync automatically stock (inventory) in destination web stores when order placed on source web store.
  • Sync on product delete option: Automatically trash/delete product in destination web stores when trash/delete product on source web store.
  • All API errors are to also be saved to a debug.log log file inside the /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-API-product-sync/ directory. Also, you can see it on the admin side.
  • Add unlimited sync web stores.

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