PeepSo WPAdverts Integration GPL v4.2.1.0


PeepSo WPAdverts Integration GPL Overview:

Monetize your community with paid ads. WPAdverts is a lightweight plugin that allows building beautiful classified sites in minutes. Running a classified site alone can be challenging. However, adding classified ads to your existing community, fantastic idea!

Communities revolving around specific topics, but not only, have an amazing potential to be monetized by their admins. If you have a community revolving around gardening and your members are actually proud garden owners, you give them the chance to buy/sell their plants, seeds, tools, and whatever else they might need to get or get rid of. You as a Community Admin can charge your members for posting such ads.

The integration plugin has been designed with, amongst others, one main goal: seamless integration of classified ads within PeepSo community. The design of ads and how they are displayed blends fabulously with users’ profiles, ad posts on stream, etc.

This plugin requires at a minimum both PeepSo Core and WPAdverts plugins to work.

PeepSo WPAdverts Integration GPL Features:

  • Monetize
    Monetize Your Community and earn real money.
  • Classified Ads Creation
    Users can create classified ads right in the community view.
  • User Profiles
    User’s Classified Ads are displayed in their profiles.
  • WPAdverts Addons
    Full integration with all official WPAdverts addons like: Featured Ads etc.
  • Classified Ads Management
    Users can manage their classified ads right in their profiles.
  • Status Updates
    Automatic corresponding Status Update is created when a user posts a Classified Ad. Once ad expires the post is removed from the main PeepSo Activity Stream.
  • Seamless Navigation
    Navigation is added to User Profiles, PeepSo Toolbar, and PeepSo Profile Widget.
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