PeepSo WP Event Manager Integration GPL v4.2.1.0


PeepSo WP Event Manager Integration GPL Overview:

Powerful calendar solution to manage your events from frontend as well as backend. Featuring a full profile integration and custom-tailored RSVP system, all tied with PeepSo stream and notifications.


Let users mark themselves as “attending” or “interested” easily with the PeepSo exclusive RSVP feature.

Profile integration
Show user’s created events.

Notify event owners about new attendees.

Automatically post to stream
Generate community posts when a new event is published and/or when someone decides to attend.

Design overrides
Override the default WPEM look and feel with a PeepSo page wrapper, custom column layout, organizer override and more.

Performance Plugins

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    Feb 17, 2022
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