PeepSo Social Login & Invitations Addon GPL v4.2.1.0


PeepSo Social Login & Invitations Addon GPL Overview:

The Social Login plugin on its own does what it’s supposed to. Provide login options to your users to your website with 3rd party services like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Comes with a built-in PeepSo Integration

This integration with PeepSo goes beyond just that. It also allows importing some user profile information like: Name, Last Name, Birthdate and avatar from the providers who allow such imports.

Social Login plugin comes with its own widget which you can place anywhere on your site. The integration with PeepSo allows displaying social login options within PeepSo itself. PeepSo Profile Widget, Landing Page, and Registration.

Social Invitations

This aspect of the plugin allows your members to invite their friends from other social networks to visit and join your site. Takes a form of a widget that you can place anywhere you like in any widget position. You can also use a shortcode: [peepso_social_invite link=””] with the ‘link’ parameter to ensure the landing page for invitees. There’s also a Gutenberg Block that you can use.

PeepSo Social Login & Invitations Addon Features:

  • 10 Login options
    There are 10 providers your users’ can log in with.
  • PeepSo Integration
    Integration within PeepSo Profile widget, landing page, registration.
  • Profile import
    Import of basic profile information like name, birthday, or avatar.
  • Login anywhere
    Place the social login widget anywhere on the site.
  • Social Invitations
    Send invitations to people from other social networks.
  • Invitations from anywhere
    Place the invitations widget, shortcode, or a Gutenberg block anywhere on your site.
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