PeepSo Gecko Theme GPL v4.2.1.0


PeepSo Gecko Theme GPL Overview:

Gecko Theme was designed with the PeepSo First approach in order to enable us to make the most of PeepSo as a Social Networking Platform. It is made to extend the possibilities of PeepSo while taking care that the rest of the site also looks and works wonderfully. It can be used as a standalone WordPress theme and does not require PeepSo to work properly.

Gecko Theme is completely standalone and does not need PeepSo to function properly. With PeepSo, you can have a seamless experience between community, blog, and other parts of your WordPress site.

PeepSo Gecko Theme GPL Features:

Works great on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Flexible Layout
Fluid or fixed width, different sidebar size, columns gap.

Browser Support
Supports all modern desktop browsers.

Page Builders Support
Beaver Builder and Elementor are recommended ones at this point.

Superfast loading times unobstructed by redundant scripts.

Easy to adapt to your liking whether configuration or overrides.

Hide Admin Bar
Gecko Theme does this automatically for you. No need to install additional plugins.

Gutenberg Support
Full Gutenberg Support plus the addition of its own Gecko: Container block that allows grouping other blocks.

Footer Customization
Amongst many, Gecko Theme comes with options to customize your site’s footer. Up to 5 columns for widgets, footer menu position, color options and more.

Full Technical Support
Support for no additional cost. Support is provided to active license holders. The number of supported sites is dependant on the license choice.

Updates & Upgrades
With an active license, you have access to updates and upgrades.

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