GravityView GravityExport GPL v1.0.8


GravityView GravityExport GPL Overview:

Gravity Forms data sharing, analysis, and reporting have never been easier. Export your Gravity Forms data to Excel, CSV, or PDF using a secure, shareable download link. Automatically send reports to Dropbox, FTP, or local storage.

Download data without having to log in

GravityExport allows you to export your Gravity Forms data using a secure, shareable download link. No need to log in or grant admin privileges, simply configure your report and send the URL to whoever needs the data.

Keep your data secure

Configure automatic exports with minimal fuss. Send data to a local folder, your Dropbox, or an external server using SFTP. Your reports will automatically update as you receive new entries. Data is transferred securely so it won’t slip into the wrong hands.

Replace multiple plugins with an all-in-one solution

Take advantage of our robust Conditional Logic filters and generate sophisticated reports with a few clicks of your mouse. Set up automatic exports that update as you receive new entries. Install, configure and forget about it!

Export data in your preferred format

There’s nothing worse than wasting time trying to convert your data to the correct format. GravityExport allows you to export your Gravity Forms data directly to Excel (.xlsx), CSV, or PDF. Customize the output file and split fields with multiple values into different rows for easy analysis.

Impress your clients with sophisticated reporting

Reporting in Gravity Forms has never been easier. With GravityExport, you can create unlimited exports that output to different formats and include different fields. Create private reports for your team and external reports for your clients to access. Merge tags allow you to generate dynamic filenames for easy record keeping.

Customize the output

Hooks and actions allow you to modify or override anything, including template files. Working with PDF reports? Add your own custom styles to the output file!

Get started in a matter of minutes

GravityExport includes a range of powerful features, all wrapped up in a neat and intuitive user interface. Create, customize and share reports without any technical knowledge of Gravity Forms or WordPress. If you get stuck, consult our detailed documentation or reach out to our friendly support team!

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