Donation For WooCommerce GPL v3.2


Donation For WooCommerce GPL Overview:

Donation For WooCommerce is a powerful WooCommerce extension that enables you to create fundraising campaigns with more than just the ability to collect simple donation payments. You can customize your donation campaign with features like recurring donation payments, progress goals, round-up donations, and more.

General features

  • Create multiple donation campaigns;
  • Accept custom donation amounts;
  • Display predefined donation amount options;
  • Users can donate to multiple campaigns simultaneously;
  • Users can add a decimal value to their donation;
  • Filter donation orders by campaign name;
  • Charge users with a credit card processing fee on donations;
  • Add multiple support causes to a donation campaign;
  • View donation campaign statistics;
  • Display donation amount in multiple styles (Radio, label, dropdown);
  • Set the position of the currency symbol;
  • Metadata Functionality;
  • Gutenberg Block support;
  • Export donation reports via CSV & PDF;
  • Send users their donation receipt via email;
  • Gift Aid UK based on Cart or Checkout;
  • Add Tributes in donation campaigns;

Recurring donation features

  • Collect recurring donations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis;
  • Define interval and length settings on recurring donations;
  • Display order details of the donation amount (campaign name, amount type, and campaign ID);
  • Users can create a recurring donation payment plan with intervals;

Donation Goal features

  • Display a progress bar to show the collected donation amount in currency value;
  • Display the goal progress bar’s value in percentage;
  • Define and display the number of donations your campaign should collect before closing;
  • Define and display the number of days left in your donation campaign;
  • Display a unique donor count on your goal’s progress bar;
  • Display a custom ‘thank you message’ when the campaign completes its goal;

Donation widget features

  • Display donation widget at the cart and checkout page;
  • Display donation widget on the shop or product page;
  • Form and widget customization options (button text color, button label, button color);
  • Add the donation widget on the website’s sidebar or footer;
  • Display the donation widget on the website’s pages using shortcode;

Round-up donation features

  • “Round-Up” feature gives shoppers a choice to round up their bill amount and donate the change;
  • “Round-Up multiplier” calculates a new total by rounding off the cart amount to the nearest number that is divisible by the round-up multiplier;
  • Customize the “Round Off Donation” popup (Popup title, message, button text color, background color);
  • Display donation request popup with “Round Off Donation” option;

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