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Certore is an open standardization and certification platform.
We work to increase quality of digital tokens area by introducing required features.
Join community and participate in establishing standards.

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Standardization and certification event-based system

A key feature of Certore is standardization and certification event based automatic system (SCEBAS) for standards and certificates development events flow control and acceptance, which ensures human influence isolation with further undesirable consequences avoidance. Common process of standard development can be represented by using events chain, where each next event could be triggered back in case not matching conditions; respectively, event flow is finished if certain interaction occurs. For example, an event is triggered back twice, that marks event flow as excessive and causes standard acceptance termination despite the fact that standard is not implemented. Rules and description for standard development will be provided by Certore and open community and accepted using web-portal having Certore as intermediary, implementer and generator but not a decision-making institution. This will allow providing desirable process transparency, substantiality and capability to balance preservation during possible outer interruption cases or other types of impact on organized system.

Triggered event


Standards development and implementation as result of community communication and voting.


Certificates producing as result of acceptance needful standards amount.

Open community portal

Web-portal from the ground for community purposes and similar activity.

Voting area

Section for creating, voting and acceptance of standards and certificates.

About Certore

Ideas about quality

Certore portal has focus on automatization and reducing of possible harmful human impact on SCEBAS or directly on standards development and implementation process

Technical  subarea

Place for implementation development and acceptance part of standardization process, if standard can be detected as related to economical or/and has more features, which can be determined as economical characteristics, then technical.

Process and economical  subarea

Space for standards and certificates development and acceptance, if certificate or standard can be determined as technical or/and has more features and capabilities, which can be determined as technical characteristics, then economical.

Thematic and other  subarea

Area for implementation, development and acceptance as part of certification and standardization process, if standard can not be detected as related to economical, technical or/and has more features, which can be determined as undefined characteristics, then technical or economical.

Token distribution

Team and founders - 9 months vesting.

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for advisors and bounty

PRE-SALE: +20%
1st DAY SALE: +5%

Distincted scopes

Process of digital currency functioning with complete cycle consists of three stages where the base is digital technology (blockchain as example), which define common features and capabilities of object; obligatory further process of procurement, that is built upon preliminary determined technology and storage as technical implementation of human interface – wallet

Certification of technology can be performed as automatic or semi-automatic process. SCEBAS standards can be considered as basic and necessary condition, represented in related to object type that supports mutual communication and often is realized as software

Technology in considered scope is a set of rules, methods and descriptions, typically implemented in a form of software with possible various equipment engagement. It matches criteria of digital currency, token or any possible recognizable form of value creation. It can be measured with usage of the defined value drivers, which will support existed standards.

Classical example of technology is proof-of-work blockchain, which requires a certain amount of equipment to provide further deployment.

  • Decentralization
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy

Value, which describes relation between equipment amount and the time range of a single unit creation for considered object. It cannot be used as part of SCEBAS, but it can be calculated and displayed by Certore as important characteristics of digital currencies

Process of digital units’ creation is established with obligatory technology usage as primary level of complete system. It is accompanied by use of resources, which ensure continuous technology deployment different in time range and their volume.

  • Decentralization
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy

Any type of subjects, which cannot be determined, as levels described, must be detected as other and require further management and actions, including public discussion, SCEBAS processing etc.

Human interface is used for displaying and processing of information, received directly from technology level as input. Its primary goal is information processing and transferring, possible storage and support. Storage cannot be used for saving units such as digital tokens, currencies preservation.

It does not bring any methods, which may have an impact on previous levels by changing their inner structure. Technology and procurement process can affect storage by changing internal structure, which is an information input.

  • Decentralization
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Privacy

How it works

Event-based flow

Common process of standard development can be represented by using events chain, where each next event could be triggered back in case not matching conditions





User roles  system

Portal access is granted for users

1. Members

2. Voters

3. Technical voters

What is Certore

Does this conflict with MDL or other standards types

No, it does not conflict with MDL, ISO, ERC or any possible standards types. Certore proposes a way for standards development and implementation, but not definitions and limitations of certain type.

What is SCEBAS primary goal

SCEBAS is aimed at human impact reducing, maximum automatization of standardization and certification process, increasing convenience of use. Prevention of control establishing over standards and certificates development by persons or organizations in the considered area is primary goal.

Is procurement process eliminated for Certore

Certore tokens are classical ICO tokens. It means that they have corrupted procurement process. Obviously, imperfect procurement process for this tokens type is significant problem and one of the first candidates to solve with help of SCEBAS.

How can I participate in establishing standards

Any interested person/organization is permitted to use portal and participate in standards and certificates development by taking part in discussion, voting and development according to a determined role.

Who can take part in standards development

Members with roles “voter” and “technical voter” can take part in standards development by voting, discussion and creating proposals.

Who can receive Certore tokens

Certore tokens are available during ICO and pre-sale (dates to be announced). Tokens can be obtained by state residents, if such actions are eligible and not contradict with existing legislation.

Can I use SCEBAS analytics

Users with “member” and “voter” roles are permitted to use SCEBAS analytics and rates. Also, user role can be upgraded to member and voter using Certore tokens only.

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Alexander Pysarchuk

Position: Co-founder, Software Engineer
Expirience: since 2013

Roman Morfy

Position: Co-founder, Software Engineer
Expirience: since 2011

Andriy Yevgeniev

Position: Frontend Software Engineer
Expirience: since 2011

Pavel Yegorov

Position: Quality Assurance Engineer
Expirience: since 2013

Oleg Vodopyanov

Position: Social Media Manager
Expirience: since 2016
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Crowdsale start
April 2018
SCEBAS alpha version
Early certification set up
April 2018
Crowdsale finish
June 2018
SCEBAS alpha version
First attempts of SCEBAS usage
Q3 2018
SCEBAS beta version with AI subsystem
A-class certification and Certore escrow
Q1 2019
Certification beta version
Further certification set up
Q3 2019